1 cup White vinegar

1/4 Water

1 tbsp Granulated sugar

1 tsp Salt, Garlic Powder,

Jalapenos sliced

BOIL vinegar with water, sugar, salt and garlic powder in a small saucepan until sugar dissolves.

PACK jalapenos into a clean 2 cup glass jar. Ladle hot vinegar mixture over the peppers until liquid reaches 1/2 in. below rum of jar. wipe rim with a clean towel and secure lid on jar. Let stand at room temperature overnight. Use right away or refrigerate up to 1 month.


​*Instead of jalapeno peppers, use 200g hot peppers of your choice, add 3 shallots cut in half, to jar along with chilies, Continue with recipe.

*Instead of jalapeno peppers, use 225 g hot peppers of your choice Add 1 tbsp. pickling spice to boiled vinegar mixture. Continue with recipe

*Instead of jalapeno peppers, use 140 g hot peppers of your choice Add 4 bay leaves to jar along with peppers. Continue with recipe.


Sundays from 11am to 3 pm

Cornwall  Kinsmen Farmer's Market

St. Lawrence College, Cornwall 

Fridays 2 to 6 p.m.

Long Sault Farmer's Market

Hwy # 2

Wild Rose

Organic Farm

Our Organic Vegetables and Herbs can be found at:


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Without any of you it wouldn't be possible for us to live our farming dream! Wishing you happiness & great food in the year to come. Have a great 2017.


We are committed to growing organic produce using environmentally friendly farming practices to provide healthy produce, premium quality and freshness to our customers.

This year we will be growing 3 versions of heat for the hot pepper enthusiast. Starting with the lowest:

Bishop Crown: 3,000 to 5,000 scovilles

​Haven: 5,000 to 30,000 scovilles

Habanero:  350,000 scovilles


These days, the Wild Rose Organic Team is deep in planning mode for the upcoming season. We're figuring how much to grow of each vegetable and where to plant them. Tomatoes, Peppers and Egg Plant are already started under grow lights.

Looking back at 2016

This was Wild Rose Organic Farm's 8th season and thanks to our loyal clients it was a great season to remember.

Despite a late spring and an early autumn frost we had an awesome crop of kale, broccoli and our herbs.

Our produce goals for 2017

Whatever 2017 brings, we're confident it will be better than the last. We are always learning and evolving. 

We will be growing greens, bok choi, spinach and kale in our first greenhouse starting in March. We will have these crops available for June sales.

We are always looking forward to improve your food and make our farm more efficient by investing in an irrigation system.